Diederik Blanson Henkemans


As soon as I started programming, I was immediately excited by its wide possibilities: so many things to learn, and much information freely available on the internet. After playing around for one year with web development, several people asked me whether I could create a website for them. And hence, since the beginning of 2018, I started building websites professionally under the name "Codact" (which is a contraction of "Code" and "Exact").

At first, I started by creating simple websites with custom UI-designs. After that, I touched upon some Content-Management Systems (e.g., WordPress, Drupal) to build more dynamic websites. Nowadays I am building Full-Stack applications, communicating with backend servers and databases, which are all integrated in the application pipeline.


It gives me much joy seeing people actually using the applications I built, and motivates me to create even more! Since I have been working on more complex projects, the question I ask myself constantly has been changed from "Can I make it work?" to "What is the best solution?". As such, a project has many constraints, e.g. performance, costs and time.

With regards to coding, I would really like to gain more knowledge about performance and security, and how to implement this.
- "How do I reduce latency from my server?"
- "Should I perform data analysis on run-time, or create a scheduler?"
- "How can I make my security protocol even more safer?"

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